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Crises occur regardless of whether or not communities and organizations have prepared for them.� They take the form of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, chemical spills, epidemics, and man-made ones like bomb threats, kidnappings, shootings, etc..�  
Your organization should have an Emergency or Crisis Plan which consists of a checklist of procedures to follow.� While each event has different procedures, one common denominator in every plan is the need to communicate or respond to the appropriate group(s) (i.e., police, staff, hospitals, media, etc.).� In the event that a crisis occurs, a prompt and effective response can reduce trauma, bring order to chaos, and can even be the determining factor between life and death.

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1. What is it? 2. Who uses it?

  • It's a Turnkey Emergency Notification System you can use right out of the box. There's nothing to install.
  • Use it to broadcast your message from any PC with web access, any telephone, and even your cell phone.
  • It provides you with the power to deliver emergency alerts  via fax, e-mail, voice, and even SMS simultaneously to thousands in minutes!
  • It can have multiple uses:
    • Primary Emergency Notification
    • Back-up Emergency Notification
    • School closing alerts
    • Surveys/Polling/Fundraising
    • Organizational announcements

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  • Counties
  • Healthcare Agencies
  • Unions
  • Small & Large Businesses
  • Membership Organizations
  • Advertising Agencies & PR firms
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Elementary & High Schools (see ParentREACH.com)


3. Why would I want it? 4. How do I get it?

  • Over 44,000 phone lines deliver your emergency message in a matter of minutes.
  • You achieve redundancy in multiple locations so it is always available.
  • You receive external access from any browser or touch tone phone.
  • It costs about $1 per student per year.


Just ask for a UserID and access!

Start with our application form, found here.


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