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ParentREACH� is owned and operated by the Amfax Corporation. The Amfax Corporation is on the cutting edge of communications and broadcasting, offering messaging solutions to small companies and institutions alike for over 20 years. For a number of years Amfax has provided emergency communications for companies and membership organizations, such as state health departments, municipal alerting organizations and unions. In 2006, due to numerous requests, we expanded our base to include schools and districts. To address this segment, we created ParentREACH� as the perfect solution for K-12 schools and districts.


Through ParentREACH�, our goal is to provide every school or district that desires a fully hosted web based emergency notification system with a complete but affordable solution--regardless of size. Whether your school has 50 or 5000 students, there is a pricing plan to fit your budget.


"ParentREACH� bridges the communication gap
between school officials and children's parents
through the medium of:
voice, email, fax, or sms text messaging."


ParentREACH� is an Emergency Notification System available through the Amfax Corporation. ParentREACH� is a fully hosted web based system that incorporates multiple communication channels, including voice, e-mail, fax, and SMS. It enables you to reach thousands of contacts in just minutes from any web browser or touchtone phone. No hardware or software is needed.

ParentREACH� is designed exclusively for K-12 schools and districts.
Public and private schools use ParentREACH for:
Primary or Secondary Emergency Notifications
School Cancellations and Closings
(Snow, earthquakes, water main breaks etc.)
Surveys, Polling, Fundraising
School Announcements
(Absentee Notification, Parent Notes, etc.)

ParentREACH� is accessible from virtually any location. ParentREACH� allows you to send a broadcast from the world wide web via any internet connection, through any landline phone or cell phone—all you need is a User ID and Password.
School Closings
Use our Premiere Portal to:
Create and launch voice, e-mail, fax, and sms text alerts
Resend and cancel alerts
Generate and download reports on status of alerts
Summary, Detailed, and Enhanced Reports are available.
Real-time Reports let you
Create and manage job templates
Create Event Specific Templates to send broadcasts faster.
Selecting a template automatically groups together predetermined lists and recordings for a particular event.
Upload and manage distribution lists
Upload an unlimited number of lists
  Example: Parents Home, Parents Cell, Faculty, Bus Companies, etc.
Lists may have an unlimited number of contacts per student
  Example: Home, Mother Cell, Father Cell, etc.
System Requirements:
The Premiere Portal is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via any standard internet browser. You must have Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher or Firefox. It is also required that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. A high-speed LAN connection is recommended for optimal functioning.
ParentREACH� allows you to easily import and export data manually from multiple database systems through the Premiere Portal. Furthermore, it is also possible to automate list updates through File Transfer Protocol. The Premiere Portal allows all users to independently develop and maintain all lists and documents and directly transfer all lists and documents to our server. All lists are accepted in delimited text format.
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