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Reach Anyone, Anywhere

No Hardware to Install
No Software to Download

» Detailed and Real-Time

» Redundant Backups
» Secure Data Encryption

Reach Thousands Fast

Automate Phone Trees
Conduct Surveys/Polls
ParentREACH™ makes it easy for schools and districts to communicate with parents, faculty, emergency personnel and others, quickly and efficiently. It may take hours for an average school to contact every parent or guardian via a now obsolete “phone tree” set-up especially when there is a need to reach multiple contact points like homes, offices, cell phones, etc. Whether you are notifying parents of an emergency, a school cancellation due to snow, or sending a survey to see how many parents are coming to a conference, ParentREACH™ is the common denominator for disseminating your messages quickly and efficiently every time.

Fully Hosted Web-based Solution
100% Off-Site & Secure System
Always Available online and by phone
Never any hardware or software to install or maintain
24/7 Live Support Including Holidays
Create and send notifications via Fax, E-mail, Voice, and SMS Text -Redundancy in multiple locations worldwide.
Access ParentREACH™ from any web browser or touch-tone phone.
Send messages immediately or schedule future delivery.
Create personalized messages in 8 languages.
Create time-saving templates for predefined scenarios.
Conduct personalized surveys and polls for 2-way communication.
Customized Caller-ID lets parents know you are calling
Detailed Reporting shows you:
When they were called
Where they were reached
Whether answered live or by an answering machine.
How long they listened to your message

Our Premiere Portal is easy to use. Once Logged In, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 :
1. Select Your List(s)
2. Select Your Message(s)   or
3. Send Your Broadcast
1. Select Your Template

2. Send Your Broadcast

Not near a computer? That’s Ok.
Create and Send your broadcast on the fly from any landline phone or cell phone through our Phone Portal using the same steps.
Create scenario templates for all foreseeable events (Snow Days, Earthquakes, Water main break, Absentee Notices etc.)
Each template will include your list(s) and your message(s) for that particular event.
Once Logged In, all you have to do is choose your template and click SEND!


ParentREACH™ gives you more capacity and infrastructure than most organizations can comfortably purchase in-house – with over 45,000 lines.
ParentREACH™ keeps capacity ahead of customer volume requests at all times for those with critical delivery requirements.
Get real-time delivery status and detailed tracking information with ParentREACH™.
View when they were called, how long they listened for, and whether it was a live person or machine that answered the call.


Automate time consuming processes. 

ParentREACH™ automates the task of calling parents and sending home reminders for absences, homework, field trips, conferences and other school activities.
Prevent your school from being flooded by calls.
Proactively alert parents of any school announcements.
Schedule broadcasts ahead of time.
With ParentREACH™, you’ll never forget to send out a reminder again.

  "In the event that a crisis occurs, a prompt and effective response from school personnel can reduce trauma, bring order to chaos, and can even be the determining factor between life and death."
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