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Emergency Notification System  Emergency Notification System  

If you are frustrated with your inability to communicate with parents when you need to you are not alone. When you have a school with hundreds of children in it, trying to contact each one is impossible. When you have parents that have busy lives and are not always in the same place each time you contact them, it can lead to even more frustration. An Emergency notification system can be a solution but only if it can handle the capacity you need as well as offer you all the flexibility necessary to make sure your contact is made.

With hundreds of students and multiple contact points, it can be impossible to get a message to a parent, this can be further complicated when you have an emergency such as snow, earthquakes, or other problems that necessitate sending the children home. An emergency notification system must be equipped to handle all of these challenges; unfortunately all are not. This means that often parents are not contacted, children are not picked up, and schools are left with a situation in which they do not know what to do.

What schools really need is an emergency notification system that is designed to meet the challenges of modern society and technology to ensure that parents will get the notifications they need to get when they go out. Parent Reach understands these challenges and has created a system that is infinitely customizable to handle any emergency or need for contact that may arise within a school. Their emergency notification system is designed to accommodate an infinite number of lists, as well as multiple contacts within those lists and templates to make sending notifications as automated as possible.

This allows school personnel to set up lists in any manner they see fit, include as many contact points per student as necessary and to set up templates for possible needs such as weather, water breaks, earthquakes, absentee notifications and much more. Once set up, a school official can access the emergency notification system by computer or by phone, choose an option and a list and instantly send a message out that list or lists.

The emergency notification system can be used for anywhere you need to send a message to large groups of people, from reminding parents about a field trip to contacting staff about a meeting. Visit us at ParentReach to learn more about our emergency notification system and to see how it can help you bridge the gap between school and parent.

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