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Content Glossary Content Glossary 

Emergency Alert System

One of the hardest things to do is to alert your parents in the case of cancellations and emergencies or to contact them when you need to, to let them know their student was absent or has a note for them. This type of communication is essential not just to the safety of all the students but to ensure that they thrive in the school environment. The larger your school is, the harder it can be and an emergency alert system can be the perfect answer to ensure that your parents are kept up to date.

Emergency Broadcast System

Having some way to contact parents when school is being closed for the day unexpectedly is essential, while some schools are small enough to call parents one at a time, and others rely on TV and Radio stations to warn of inclement weather none of these solutions is ideal. When parents are not home, or do not know to watch the TV children are left stranded at school, with no one to pick them up. An emergency broadcast system is the perfect way to ensure that your child has an adult to get them in an emergency

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