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Emergency Alert System  Emergency Alert System  

One of the hardest things to do is to alert your parents in the case of cancellations and emergencies or to contact them when you need to, to let them know their student was absent or has a note for them. This type of communication is essential not just to the safety of all the students but to ensure that they thrive in the school environment. The larger your school is, the harder it can be and an emergency alert system can be the perfect answer to ensure that your parents are kept up to date.

The basics of an emergency alert system is that it can make contact with the parent when necessary to ensure the parent knows what is going on with the school and their children. In the past schools used dialing systems and automated messages but if a parent was not at home or did not have an answering machine they would not get the messages that were sent to them.

Now with technology being so much more than what it has been in the past, schools can leverage that technology through the Parent Reach emergency alert system that can ensure that schools can contact their parents from anywhere, to anywhere. You can have an unlimited number of contacts for each child to ensure that someone is contacted when the need arises. Event specific templates can ensure that broadcasts are sent quickly and that the correct groups are selected for the event.

The great thing about Parent Reach is that you can use the internet or a touch tone phone to access the system, your messages will be sent from the world wide web to voice, e-mail fax or SMS text alerts to ensure that you can reach parents anywhere and anytime. This emergency alert system can be used for district wide events (such as snowstorms or other weather related events) or for individual schools or to reach any other type of lists or groups that you have created.

You can also use the Parent Reach system to alert parents when their child has not shown up for school, a great help to prevent attendance problem and to keep parents informed when their child is not where they are supposed to be. Parent notes can also be sent by the emergency alert system or it can be used to alert a parent when a note is being sent home. Infinitely customizable schools can use this system to effectively and efficiently bridge the gap in communication between the school and the parents.

Schools can also use the Parent Reach system to send out surveys and polling as well as to fundraise for their schools and events. In fact despite the fact that Parent Reach was designed as an affordable emergency alert system for schools and non-profits, there is little that the Parent reach system cannot be used for since it's part of the larger alerts and notifications and messaging solution AMFAX CORP provides to very large organizations and state agencies. To Learn more about Parent Reach and how it can help your schools and parents become partners in education visit us at our website.

Emergency Alert Systems

Nothing feels worse for a parent than not being alerted when their child is affected at school, whether due to a scheduled event or due to an emergency.

Emergency Alerts

When you put out emergency alerts invariably you are going to have parents that won't hear or see them. This leaves you with children that you have no way to send home, or children that will end up in an empty house -- something you don't want to do.

Emergency Notification System

If you are frustrated with your inability to communicate with parents when you need to you are not alone. When you have a school with hundreds of children in it, trying to contact each one is impossible.

School Closing Alert

In years past, parents and children would often sit anxiously around the television or radio on days when there was too much snow on the ground, waiting for a school closing alert.

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