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Today, schools often need to send out a mass notification for closing for a variety of reasons, not just inclement weather. Unfortunate incidents of school violence in recent years has meant more and more schools closing even when there are just threats against it, for the sake of safety. This means parents need to know if the school is closing in the middle of the day as well as needing to know where and how to pick up their children.

It's also good to think about mass notification of school events so that parents can have a better schedule and not be likely to miss these events. If you can easily remind them of parent-teacher conferences, half days, testing, and so on, the family and the students will be better prepared for these. Today, mass notification is much easier when you use an electronic service to which parents can subscribe, rather than relying on news sources such as radio or television.

One reason for this is that many families today have all the adults in the house working outside the home, which means there is no one at home listening to the news or the radio. They may not get any notice of a school closing if you are to rely on these types of broadcasts for your mass notification. This type of notice is also limited in the information it can offer. News agencies are not obligated to inform parents of direction on where and how to pick up their children or if a closing has been rescinded, and so on. Your mass notification will be limited to the information they choose to run for you.

Using an electronic service for your school's mass notification also means that you're free to compose your messages in any style you choose. This means reminding parents of certain events, and these can be tailored to fit just certain grades as well. You can also design surveys and polls so that you can get the input of parents when you're looking to make decisions for the school and student body. This is important as many schools today cannot take for granted how their events should be organized; you may want to send out a mass notification asking about holiday schedules or parties or if there should be certain restrictions for dances and proms, and so on.

Choosing an electronic email or text message mass notification system also means that parents can choose to subscribe to such notification systems, if this works for them. You know that you're not "bothering" parents with questions and polls and calendar notices when you use a system they choose. At the same time you know that you've fulfilled your responsibility for a mass notification for parents in case of closings or threats on school grounds. This will help to ensure the safety of your student body and to ensure parents are also notified if such warnings are rescinded and school is back in session.

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