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Emergency Broadcast System  Emergency Broadcast System  

Having some way to contact parents when school is being closed for the day unexpectedly is essential, while some schools are small enough to call parents one at a time, and others rely on TV and Radio stations to warn of inclement weather none of these solutions is ideal. When parents are not home, or do not know to watch the TV children are left stranded at school, with no one to pick them up. An emergency broadcast system is the perfect way to ensure that your child has an adult to get them in an emergency.

As important as an emergency broadcast system like Parent Reach is, the best thing about parent Reach is that it need not sit there costing you money while doing nothing for most of the days out of the year. As invaluable as any system is when you need it, it can be frustrating to pay for a service and then never use it more than one or two times a year.

Imagine an emergency broadcast system that can do much more than just contact parents in an emergency or for bad weather. Consider the possibility that you could use your broadcast system to communicate with parents and staff at will - wouldn't that make your emergency broadcast system far more useful and worth the money you are paying for it?

The emergency broadcast system from Parent reach is one such system; you'll be able to use it even when there is no emergency for a wide range of purposes, all of which allow you to bridge the gap in communication between school and parents and keep parents informed and involved in what's going on.

Parent Reach offers a flexible system that allows you to customize lists based on the schools they are in, the grades, as well as a number of other factors. You can also have a list of teachers as well, to broadcast emergency system announcements and reminders to them as well. Templates allow you to set up pre-made announcements for situations you are likely to encounter during the school year, as well as announcements that can be used daily such as for absent students. With lists and templates in place your announcements are always ready to go, only requiring a push of a button to send out to everyone that is supposed to receive them.

You can add multiple contacts for each person on your list, this means that mom and dad will both get an announcement as well as texts, emails or other contact methods they've provided for you to reach them. The system will deliver the announcements by email, voicemail, text message and even fax! This system can be used by any size school or district and allows you to send home parent notifications, reminders and even announcements for fund raisers or school events. It can be used to contact staff as well and makes the perfect way to let parents know when their kids haven't shown up for school. To learn more about our emergency broadcast system visit us at ParentReach.

Mass Notification

Today, schools often need to send out a mass notification for closing for a variety of reasons, not just inclement weather

School Closings

Handling your school closings is much more complicated today than ever before. In times past, the only reason for a school to close would be inclement weather, and other emergencies were few and far between.

Voice Broadcasting

When you're in charge of a school district you know that alerting parents to school closings and keeping them informed of events in those schools is very difficult.

Voice Messaging System

Needing to contact parents quickly is part of operating a school district today. No longer are parents needing to be alerted to inclement weather alone.

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